Saturday, May 05, 2007

a day at the park...

Some days it is just nice to get out and walk around our town. We do this every few weeks. Fortunately for us there is a park very nearby which is home to a wonderful lake with lots of fish and ducks and birds and geese and flowers and benches and a great trail all around the water.

Today we went off for our walk, wandering to Costco to get hot dogs. We ate a quick lunch then crossed over to the park to feed the ducks a loaf of bread. Indy ran back and forth between the waters edge and the loaf of bread shouting "more bread for the duckies!"

Indy hammed it up in the flowers so i could get a couple fun pictures. He is growing up so quickly, before we know it he will be off to school. Seems like just the other day Duck was small like this and posing in the flowers at my mom's house.


caroline said...

those are some beautiful flowers! Indy still is cute as a button.

Anonymous said...